4 tips to keep your brain healthy


How do you keep your brain healthy? We give you 4 tips that you can apply easily and quickly.

Tip 1: walk

Moving half an hour every day is good for your body and mind. Daily walking causes the activity of the hippocampus (a brain area) to increase. The hippocampus plays an important role in remembering. Walking for half an hour improves our memory. But it also ensures that you can plan better and always focus on something new.

Tip 2: chew

Chewing your food well will make your heart beat faster and your brain will get better blood circulation. By chewing well, you are practically exercising. Research shows that chewing well improves blood flow mainly in one of the large blood vessels in the brain. Most cerebral infarctions take place in the vicinity of that blood vessel. So keep chewing well. Eat the crusts of your bread and cook your greetings a bit shorter.

Tip 3: eat fish, meat and carbohydrates

Now that we are talking about nutrition; make sure you eat the right things. Because the right diet has a lot of influence on your brain. By eating enough potatoes, grains, bread, whole grain pasta, fish, meat, liver, dairy, nuts, beans, soy products, peanuts and vegetables, you keep your brain in shape.

Tip 4: Challenge yourself

To keep your brain young, you sometimes need a challenge. If you teach yourself new things, your brain stays sharp and alert. That does not really have to be complicated things. A crossword puzzle is just fine. But also learning a new language or learning to play a musical instrument are skills that benefit the functioning of the brain.


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